PreK Registration FAQ

What is the age requirement for a student to enroll for PreK?
To be eligible for the 2024-2025 school year, your child's date of birth should be on or between the following dates: October 1, 2019 - September 30, 2020. (4 years old on or before September 30, 2024)

What if I do not have an original birth certificate?
Birth certificates may be obtained from the Department of Vital Statistics in the state where the child was born. DMV will also issue original birth certificates (this can be faster). The Portsmouth Health Department may also be able to assist you if your child was born in Virginia. It can sometimes be a long process, so we encourage you to obtain the certificate before your screening. The original birth certificate must be presented during registration.

What documents are required for a student to apply for PreK?
Proof of birth, proof of legal guardianship (if parent/guardian name is not on the birth certificate), parent/guardian proof of identification, proof of income and proof of residency are required. Additional documents may also be required. A comprehensive list of all required documents, with detailed information, can be found on the PPS website.

If my child lives outside of a school's attendance zone, is he/she eligible to participate in the PreK program?
If the custodial parent/guardian's home address where the child primarily resides is not zoned for Portsmouth Public Schools, you are not eligible to participate. Since there are not PreK classes in every elementary school, Portsmouth families are assigned to their PreK Center. On rare occasions, based on openings, the PreK office may make other assignments.

Is there bus transportation for PreK students?
Bus transportation is only provided for students living within a school’s zone. If you are attending a school outside of your home-school’s transportation zone, you must provide your own transportation.

Is there before/after school care for PreK students?
Schools do not provide before/after school care for PreK students. In some schools, there are nearby daycare providers who will transport students to/from their centers. Contact the school you would attend for more information.

Am I allowed to apply for more than one school?
Students are assigned to the PreK Center within their attendance zone.

What if my child is old enough for Kindergarten, but I don't think he/she is ready? Can I enroll in PreK?
No. There are no exceptions to the age requirement for PreK. Your child must be four-years-old on September 30, 2024.

Does my child have to be potty-trained to enroll in PreK?
Your child is expected to be able to take care of self-help tasks such as dressing, undressing and toilet needs. If a child is not toilet-trained, training for parents is required to assist with this task. The school staff will also work with families to develop routines and procedures for home and school to help the child learn.

As a PPS employee, do I receive automatic enrollment into the PreK program?
No, employees who are residents of Portsmouth must go through the same application/eligibility process as any other family.

My child has an IEP and is currently enrolled in the Early Childhood Special Education program (ECSE). Will he/she automatically be enrolled into this PreK program or do I have to apply to this PreK program?
Students are not automatically enrolled. Once an application has been submitted and the student has been tentatively selected for placement at a school, the IEP team must meet to consider the student’s needs and least restrictive environment. If you have questions about your child’s needs and least restrictive environment, you should contact your child’s IEP case manager to schedule an IEP meeting.

My child has an existing IEP and is already enrolled in an ECSE Special Needs class. If accepted to this PreK program, will he/she remain at the same school?
PreK students are assigned to their home PreK center.

What if I suspect that my child has a disability such as a speech/language, development delay and/or other medical condition?
The first step in the process is to contact the Office of Special Education and Related Services @ (757) 393-8793.

What if I cannot provide the Physical/Health Immunization Virginia Form MCH-213G by the start of school?
PPS policy states that a child must have a Physical/Health Immunization form on file before the start of school.

Is there an attendance policy for PreK students?
Regular and consistent attendance is an expectation of all PreK students. Additionally, the teacher, Parent Liaison, and/or administrator will contact parents/guardians to schedule meetings, provide support and set goals if a child has a pattern of being chronically late or leaving school early or has persistent absences. Continued and significant absences without excusable cause may lead to the child being withdrawn from the program.

What if I missed the application deadline?
You may apply during regular registration until May 30, 2024 by following the steps outlined for the application process. Registration will continue until all slots are filled or until December 31, 2024, whichever comes first.

What if I have a question that has not been addressed in the FAQ?
Please call (757) 393-5128 or send an email to [email protected]

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