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Portsmouth Public Schools is beginning a new effort to help identify and support the unique mental health, social and emotional needs of all students throughout the division.

PPS students in grades 3 through 12 will be given a new survey twice this school year. The survey will first be administered in October and will be used to help inform schools on programs, initiatives or improvements that can help better support student needs.

The same survey will then again be given in March to measure the progress made since the initial survey window.

What will be asked in the survey?
The survey is broken down into two components:

Skills and Competencies – This is the student’s evaluation of his/her own personal strengths and areas for growth. Here, students will be asked to evaluate skills such as their ability to focus on a set goal, resist distractions, identify their feelings/emotions.

Supports and Environment – This is the student’s assessment of culture and climate at the school. Here, students will be asked evaluate specific aspects of building operations such as how respectful teachers and staff are in the building, how safe they feel in the school, and how they like the physical environment of the school.

You can access the full list of all questions asked in the survey here
(Note: There are different questions for students in grades 3-5 and grades 6-12)

What will we do with these survey results?
Your child’s responses to the Skills and Competencies portion of the survey will be shared directly with his/her teachers, counselor and school administration. This is shared to help staff teach your child helpful tactics and strategies in the classroom that align with needs he/she reported in the survey, plan meaningful assemblies/schoolwide campaigns as well as help build stronger relationships with your child.

Your child’s responses to the Supports and Environment portion of the survey will be anonymous and shared as part of the whole school’s results with your school’s administrator. This will help leadership build school improvement plans and prepare any needed professional development for staff.

This survey will be given during the school day, and it is expected to take approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

To learn more about this work, or for any other questions or concerns, contact the PPS Office of School Counseling.

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