High School


  1. Must maintain a 2.0 grade point average each semester (school board policy IGDB).
  2. Must be taking three (3) subjects for credit at all times.
  3. Must complete an Athletic Participation/Parent Consent/Physical Exam before participating each school year.   
  4. May not be 19 before August 1 of a given school year.  
  5. May not participate if he/she transfers to another school without a change in residence.
  6. A student may only participate for eight (8) semester during their time in high school.
  7. A student must be regularly enrolled in the school where they participate.
  8. In order to participate in practice or a game a student must be in attendance in school that day.
  9. Students may not use steroids of any type.
  10. If school is postponed due to inclement weather, there will not be practice or games.
  11. There will be a parent meeting before each season.


Academics play a major role in the Portsmouth School division’s athletic program.  All coaches monitor their student
athletes throughout the school year.  Students wanting tom participate in college athletics are encouraged to take
core courses that will count toward NCAA academic eligibility.  The NCAA now has a central eligibility center that
will certify eligibility for Division I and Division II colleges.  It is very important that if your child might want to play
Division I or II athletics that you read the information from the NCAA (nacc.org/eligibilitycenter/common). 
Athletes CANNOT wait until their senior year and make this decision.  It must be made early so that all NCAA
requirements are met.



  1. The athletic program will contribute to the physical fitness and development of athletic skills of participants through teaching and presenting a sound program of conditioning and practice.
  2. The athletic program will teach the values of sportsmanship through the Virginia High School League Sportsmanship Code in order that participants may learn to be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.
  3. The athletic program will teach self-discipline to participants by requiring them to adhere to a lifestyle that will contribute to a positive way to team effectiveness.
  4. The athletic program will teach the compatibility of self-reliance and cooperation athletes and showing that success of the program depends on team effort.
  5. The athletic program will unify the school by providing common goals, involving all students, and creating a common purpose; thereby generating school sprit and building alumni loyalty.
  6. The athletic program will provide a wholesome environment for athletic participation and will provide carry-over value through teaching positive attitudes and the recreational value of participation.
  7. The athletic program will provide opportunities to achieve educational and personal goals for student/athletes through counseling participants to establish goals consistent with their interest, abilities and needs.


The Virginia High School League (VHSL) is the governing body for Virginia interscholastic athletics and activities.  All rules and regulations governing high school athletes and athletics are legislated by this organization.  A complete text of these regulations is available from the schools activities director or www.vhsl.org.  Coaches are to review the VHSL handbook each year and review the rules with each team.

Churchland and Manor high schools are members of Class 4 Region  A and Class 4 of the VHSL for the purposes of athletic/activities competition.  I. C. Norcom is a member of Class 3 Region A and Class 3 of the VHSL for the purposes of athletic/activities competition.

The regional council manages the business if the region, including scheduling of regional championships, as well as special regulations, guidelines, and distribution of funds.  Appeals or recommendations to the council should be directed to the district representatives through the school activities director or principal.

The Eastern District Council is a further extension of the VHSL office and the Region Councils.  The membership is comprised of the eight (8) principals of the AAA public high schools in the district (Norfolk and Portsmouth).  The determination of district policy in athletics/activities is the responsibility of this council, as well as administration of all athletic/activities schedules.  A handbook with complete and up-to-date district policies is available for review from each school’s activities director.

The Portsmouth Public School Board has the authority to set athletic/activities policies as long as they are not in conflict with State, Region and Eastern District regulations.


Christen Chavis
Churchland High School
(757) 686-2500

Les Young
I. C. Norcom High School
(757) 393-5480

Charleen Mitchell-Faulkner
Manor High School
(757) 465-2966

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