Medications are given in the school by the nurse or the person designated by the principal and trained by the school nurse to give medication in the nurse’s absence. A Request for Medication Administration form must be completed and signed by the student’s doctor/dentist and parent/guardian. The completed form and the medication, which must be in the original container with the pharmacy label intact or for over-the-counter medications that are prescribed by the doctor/dentist, in a new unopened container. All medications should be given to the school nurse or principal’s medical designee by the parent/guardian of the student. Medications cannot be transported by students. 

Field Trip Medications:
If your child receives medication at school and goes on a one-day field trip during school hours, the school nurse will be sending a single dose of your child’s medication on the field trip. If your child uses a multi-dose inhaler at school, the one you have provided will be sent on the field trip. The teacher or instructional assistant, who has received training from the school nurse, will carry the medication and administer it to your child, if needed, while they are on the field trip. The only medication that can be given at field trips are ones for which a permission form, signed by the doctor and parent, is on file with the school nurse. 

Medications for Before/After School Activities/Events:
In regard to emergency medications a student may need available for before/after school activities, it is extremely important parents/guardians notify the individual in charge of the activity/event about the need. Examples of emergency medications include Epi-pens, Insulin, Glucagon and Asthma inhalers. Before/After regular schools hours, the clinic is closed and a nurse is not available. Please note that a student may carry emergency medications when the proper procedure is followed: contact your school nurse or student’s primary care physician for the form that will need to be completed by the doctor or dentist. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to develop a plan with the individual in charge of the before/after school activity/event so a safe environment may be maintained.
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